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Movieclip tweening prototypes 1.2.0

Most of features are from Moses Gunesch

Added support for tweening TextFields using all the MovieClip extensions (except frameTo)
New methods, shortucts

.pauseTween(props) - specific targets & props
.isTweening(prop) [added specific prop checker]
.pauseAllTweens() [globally from a clip]

Added properties filters to most new methods and one old one (isTweening(prop)), to allow individual properties to be queried. For instance you can query whether _x specifically is tweening in a clip.
Pass a string instead of a number for relative value.
* scaleTo('-20'); meaning 20 less than current scale.
New option to pass a single end value for multiple properties
* my_mc.tween(['_alpha','_xscale'],100); // legal
New option to pass a comma-delimited string of properties instead of an array
* my_mc.tween('_alpha,_xscale',100); // legal
Added a global function getColorTransObj() to handle the advanced color calcs for extensions * this exposes the functionality for use elsewhere. Look up the function in for details.

Changes to

Added new cleanUp() routine to tweenManager * auto-delete tweens when targets go missing (removeMovieClip etc.)
* fewer glitches when re-testing movie locally after it's published

Added onTweenInterrupt event
All events now pass an object { target:obj, props:Array }
Modified autoStop property to stop all tweens in a clip.
In the previous version, this was done anyway (with autoOverwrite) so autoStop didn't have much purpose. This new functionality might be helpful in that it fully stops a clip's tweens before applying a new tween.
New controllerDepth getter/setter - changes the depth of the onEnterFrame broadcast clip.
Fixed Bugs
Fixed bug in in easing equations > all elastic method was not working when published for Flash PLayer 7 and Actionscript 1 it is now not necessary to write case sensitive "easeOutBounce", e.g. "EaseOUTBOUNCE" , "eAsEoUtBoUnCe" works too

Fuse tween-sequencing kit
The Fuse kit, developed in conjunction with this update, is a powerful and simple way to quickly build linear sequences of tweens (and for more advanced users, function-calls). An earlier beta of Fuse has already been used on a number of high profile corporate websites. Fuse is based on this kit's super-efficient tweening engine, and allows you to use the same familiar syntax - alphaTo, slideTo, and all that good stuff. Download at

MX 2004 extensions
You must have Macromedia Extension Manager 1.6 installed on your machine to install .mxp packages. If you have installed previous version, and you have updated to Flash MX 2004 7.2 Ellipsis, uninstall the old mxp package first

download version 1.2.0
rapidshare link (to download press 'free' button (bottom right))
download version 1.1.9 alpha 03.02.2005
download version 1.1.8 10.11.2004
download version 1.1.7 28.07.2004
download version 1.1.6 18.05.2004
download version 1.1.5 13.04.2004
download version 1.1.4 18.03.2004
download version 1.1.3 10.03.2004
download version 1.1.2 18.02.2004
download version 1.1.1 09.02.2004
download version 1.0 21.01.2004

Ziped version
zip package contains only scripts of Movieclip Tweening prototypes + Robert Penners easing equations, unpack it in same folder with your fla

download version 1.2.0
download version 1.1.9 alpha for MX
download version 1.1.8 for MX
download version 1.1.7 for MX 2004
download version 1.1.7 for MX
download version 1.1.6 for MX

Sources of extension
download sources of version 1.2.0
download sources of version 1.1.6

PDF Documentation
documentation.pdf (131 KB) thanks Maverick


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